Buy Condoms Online And Bust The Myths About Condoms

Condoms are thin rubber pouches to prevent the sperms from entering the oviduct during intercourse. Most condoms are made of latex. However, certain brands provide condoms of other materials as well for the people who are allergic to latex. Condoms are or two types, male condoms and female condoms.

Male condoms are stretchable pouches made up of different kinds of rubber with an elastic on the ends. While female condoms are rubber tubes with flexible rings on both ends, these are inserted inside the vagina. One end is closed while the other end is open. The closed-end goes inside the vagina, and the ring on the open end sits on the vaginal opening. Generally, female condoms as well are made up of latex. However, if either of the two partners is allergic to latex, there are other materials available to.

Gone are the days when buying a condom was an issue; now you can easily get a huge variety of condoms online.

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Basic facts about both male and female condoms

Condoms prevent the semen from entering into the vagina, mainly the fallopian tubes.Male condoms are more common than female condoms.Male condoms are worn on the erect penis. However, it is necessary to leave some room for the semen on the tip of the penis. If the condom is tight on the tip, it will break at the time of ejaculation increasing the risks of unwanted pregnancy.While the male ejaculates and pulls the penis out of the vagina, it must be taken care of that he holds the condom from the base of the penis while it gets soft after ejaculation. Otherwise, the condom will get lost, and sperms would likely enter the vagina, again risking an unwanted pregnancy.Female condoms are placed with closed ends into the vagina and the open end lines with the opening of the vagina — the closed-end acts as a barrier between the sperms and the cervix. When using a female condom, it must be kept in mind to not to stand up before removing it.

Some myths about condoms

Here are some unreasonable myths about using a condom:

  • Using a condom during intercourse reduces the pleasure – this I the most common and most unreasonable myth. A condom is a very thin layer and can’t be even felt at the time of intercourse.
  • Condoms are 100% surety of no pregnancy –97% of times condoms are successful in preventing pregnancy, but 3% of times condoms can fail in doing so.
  • Using both male and female condoms would reduce even the 3% risk – using both the condoms at the same time may cause a lot of friction, and the condoms may even break or stick together.
  • Buying condoms online causes cervical cancer –online bought condoms are as safe as any other offline condom as far as they are sealed when you buy them.