What are the reasons for the fall in the prices of prostitution?

The prostitution has become the most popular activity in the majority of countries because the government has declared it as legal activity in some of the countries.

Although, it has been observed in the research by various economists that there has been a tremendous fall in the prices of the wages of the sex workers.

Moreover, the main fall has been noticed in the most developed nations of the world, such as the United States.

Significant factors of fall in the prices of the sex


The migration of the people from one place to another is the primary cause of fall in the rates of the pay of the sex workers. Now there are very few people who have the interest to hire this service. In addition, some people migrate to your city in search of work and they are ready to work at any cost, so they charge fewer prices, which disturb the rating system of the existing sex workers.

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Physical characteristic

This is the primary factor that indicates that the variation in the prices has also occurred due to different types of physical characteristics of the workers. If the service provider is not offering the various services, then it also leads to a fall in the prices of commercial sex.


The location has the primary effect on prices of the prostitution as in some places these services are available in the crowded area and are more demanding whereas if you are offering the prostitution service in the locality where it is an everyday activity you may suffer fall in prices as there are a number of substitutes available. The cities which have a low cost of living provide the service at very cheap rates.